• We believe in finding new ways to help people understand money and how to use it to make the most of life.
  • We believe that a meaningful life is most easily attained when we take as little as we need and give as much as we can.
  • We believe that as many people as possible should have affordable access to high quality, professional financial advice.


  • Professional financial life planning
  • Low-cost investment solutions
  • Lifetime cash flow planning
  • Budgeting and saving advice
  • Pensions and financial products
  • Behavioural investment coaching
  • Life cover protection reviews
  • Retirement planning


  • By providing a financial planning service at the lowest possible cost to the highest number of people
  • By truly understanding what money is and what it can do
  • By challenging you to think about what it is that really makes you happy
  • By helping you plan the future you want and reach financial freedom as soon as possible

What our clients say

“Financial planning was an eye opener! We didn’t really understand before what our options were or how to make projections about our financial security. With the kids hoping to go to University, and other financial commitments it’s a relief to be clear about how we can afford it.”

– Helen, Student

“The work I have done with Matt and Financial Freedom Sooner has helped me understand where my weaknesses lie, debunked some myths I’ve been telling myself for years, and also taught me what not to worry about. Knowing I am making the right decisions about my family’s future allows me to be more content with life now.”

– Ben, Business Owner

“Working with Financial Freedom Sooner has enabled me to reduce working hours as I get older and to give me the opportunity to enjoy the work/life balance more. We have been able to afford to go overseas more and enjoy our passion for travel.”

– Deniese, Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

“Financial planning is liberating, because it gives me control of my work life. Prior to doing financial planning properly I was unsure how much I needed to save, or how long I needed to work for. As a result of planning I’m much clearer about this aspect of my life and actually it turns out I don’t have to work as much as I thought I had to!!”

– Lewis, Humanitarian

“Working with Financial Freedom Sooner gives me reassurance that I am doing the right thing. Plus using the expertise of Matt to change things at the right time ensures I stay on track. I think with an ever and fast changing world (Covid, Brexit, Climate Change etc.) it is essential that someone has their finger on the pulse to ensure my portfolio is protected and can react if necessary.”

– Andy, Charity Founder

We promise

  • To always put your interests before our own
  • To never use financial jargon that you don't understand
  • To never charge you a fee based on a % of your assets or investment values
  • To never ‘sell’ you a product that isn't essential to your financial plan

The company

  • Will always be completely transparent
  • Will always strive to learn and develop
  • Will never spend money on anything that doesn't help us improve your financial life
  • Will never answer to profit-hungry shareholders
  • Will never pay a director or employee a salary more than 3.5x the Living Wage (currently £61,500 based on a 40-hour week)
  • Will contribute all profit to good causes and community projects

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