• We believe in finding new ways to help people understand money and how to use it to make the most of life.
  • We believe that a meaningful life is most easily attained when we take as little as we need and give as much as we can.
  • We believe that as many people as possible should have affordable access to high quality, professional financial advice.


  • Professional financial life planning
  • Low-cost investment solutions
  • Lifetime cash flow planning
  • Budgeting and saving advice
  • Pensions and financial products
  • Behavioural investment coaching
  • Life cover protection reviews
  • Retirement planning


  • By providing a financial planning service at the lowest possible cost to the highest number of people
  • By truly understanding what money is and what it can do
  • By challenging you to think about what it is that really makes you happy
  • By helping you plan the future you want and reach financial freedom as soon as possible

We promise

  • To always put your interests before our own
  • To never use financial jargon that you don't understand
  • To never charge you a fee based on a % of your assets or investment values
  • To never ‘sell’ you a product that isn't essential to your financial plan

The company

  • Will always be completely transparent
  • Will always strive to learn and develop
  • Will never spend money on anything that doesn't help us improve your financial life
  • Will never answer to profit-hungry shareholders
  • Will never pay a director or employee a salary more than 3.5x the Living Wage (currently £61,500 based on a 40-hour week)
  • Will contribute all profit to good causes and community projects

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