Base Camp Financial Planning

Only just getting started on your journey to financial freedom, and don’t think you need, or can afford, a full financial planning service?  Well, our Base Camp Financial Planning might be the thing for you.

We aim to give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to get started with building a secure financial future.  Together we’ll build your first financial plan that will sketch out a route towards the future you want.

Over the course of two virtual meetings, we will cover what you need to know to feel confident that you are doing the right things with your money.

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“We’re now confident we are optimising our finances, have invested in products we would not have otherwise, and that we can sleep at night knowing (or believing) we are not missing opportunities.”

Andy & Alice, Lewes, East Sussex


What we'll cover

What is financial planning?
Why time is your most valuable asset
What's important to you - values and goals?
Getting organised - spending and budgeting
Saving, investing, or speculating; what's the difference?
Investing - the basics
Building your Financial Freedom Plan
How much is enough - working out your number
'What if' scenarios
Insuring yourself - the need for safety ropes

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